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Let these words support you as you explore hypnosis and hypnotherapy to lose weight, get motivated to exercise, explore past life regression, and more. Here are a few of my articles to spark your curiosity, invite a dialogue, or inspire you to call me for a consultation. I welcome your comments and feedback.

Getting the Most from Hypnosis


Read this brief article to maximize your experience from your private session or your audio program.

5 Steps to Clear Negativity


Negative emotions are toxic to your system. They wreak havoc in your body, triggering a steady drip of damaging neurochemicals. They hijack your ability to think rationally, and ambush your self-esteem. Discover 5 simple strategies to clear negativity and restore inner balance.


5 Steps to Transform Self Sabotage


Self-sabotaging behavior is a misperception of the truth. It is merely a misguided attempt at self-care. In this article, I reveal how to transform these patterns so you can feel better about yourself and get on with your life. 


6 Essential Stress Relievers


Chronic stress is linked to dozens of diseases, including cancer. Let's review the dangers of stress and reveal some easy, drug-free, non-invasive ways to experience relief.

Emotional Nourishment


Sometimes, life isn't much fun. Sad news, pressing obligations, personal conflicts, and unexpected challenges can knock even the strongest of champions off their game.  Get to the heart of the matter with processes that can help you stay centered and balanced.


How (and Why) to Balance Your Energy


In the physical realm, we know that too much stress leads to muscle injury, while too little stress leads to muscle atrophy. In order to function optimally, your muscles need a healthy balance of stress and rest. The same is true for your mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness.   


Goal Setting Do's and Don'ts: How to Set Effective Resolutions


Setting goals is essential for success, but HOW you set goals determines whether you are poised for achievement or frustration. Discover the top ten mistakes people make when setting goals, along with the top ten tips for setting effective resolutions.


How to Avoid Winter Weight Gain


The average person packs on a whopping 12 to 15 pounds over the holiday season. Want to avoid that weight fate? Apply my secret!


How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise


We all know that exercise is beneficial. But how do you get yourself motivated to take action? You start by reprogramming your mindset. Here is a comparison between the exercise avoidance mindset and the exercise motivation mindset.


How to Turn Problems Into Portals for Transformation


Here's a fresh way of looking at self-sabotaging behavior: as an open doorway that once crossed, transforms your life from the inside out.


Managing the Voices in Your Mind


4 Steps to Transform Your Inner Dialog 

If you feel like your inner voices are pulling you in all directions, you can take control and manage your inner committee by following this simple process.


Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude


Training your mind for an "Attitude of Gratitude" is arguably the healthiest thing you can do to improve your life. Why? Here are just some of the reasons.


Setting Healthy Boundaries


Do you set boundaries, only to back up and allow them to be crossed, or cross them yourself? Do you say no, only to acquiesce to increased pressure? Do you allow other people's demands to infringe upon your personal time or space? If so, read these boundary setting tips.


The Top Three Benefits of Gym Membership


For weight loss, knowledge is power. In addition to a healthy eating plan, exercise is essential. While you can manage to build an effective exercise routine at home, there are multiple benefits to going to the gym.


How the Words You Speak Influence Your Life


Do your words help or harm your state of health, wealth and well being? Discover how simple changes in the words you choose to speak can help you positively change your life.


Food for Thought and Thought for Food


In order to truly make a difference, to positively influence the evolution of our planet, we can serve our best when we are healthy, strong and balanced within ourselves. Here's my point of view on the healthiest way to eat.

Mood Boosters and Craving Busters


The arrival of the holiday season often comes with undesirable side-effects, including extended expectations, elevated emotions, and endless to-do lists. Want to maintain your balance and well being amidst the extra energy demands? Here are Twelve Timely Tips to relieve stress, preserve your sanity, and protect your health amidst the busy-ness of this time of year.

Nothing Satisfies


What do you do when you feel like you need "a little something?" Did you ever have a time when you just couldn't seem to find anything that satisfies you? Here's another point of view on how to handle those moments.

Past Life Regression - Is it Real?


The therapeutic process known as Past Life Regression can be a useful tool for personal growth and self-awareness. Many people are simply curious and choose to explore this realm for entertainment or self-discovery. There is growing scientific evidence for the survival of consciousness after death (see my suggested reading at the end of this article). Here are some possible explanations for this phenomenon that are worth considering.

Past Failures, Present Triumphs: 10 Steps to Transformation


Troubled by past experiences? You can acknowledge the past to empower yourself in the present. Whenever you notice uncomfortable feelings triggered by past experiences, follow these 10 steps.


Redefining Normal - Integrating New Behavior into Social "Norms"


How you behave is a function of who you think you are, in the context of your environment. Changing your behavior requires that you change your acceptance of what’s “normal” for you. 

What's Love Got to Do With It?


Discover how your emotional state influences your physiology, and learn 5 steps to experience more positive emotions.

3 Year End Rituals for Maximum Impact


Three annual activities to make your holiday season more meaningful.

These simple activities allow you to take advantage of the dark days of winter to set your intentions and fill your life with the positive power of appreciation and gratitude. I hope you have fun in the process! 


Your Mind Redesigned


Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to change your interior environment. To give you an idea of how it works, let’s compare your mind to a house. Your memories are stored in various rooms that represent different aspects of your life. Some rooms are in the foreground, like the familiar places you spend much of your time in. Other rooms may be tucked further away in the background, like a dark corner in a basement or attic.



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