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Six Word Lessons on Changing Habits

100 Lessons to Stop Self-Sabotage and Gain Self-Mastery


Change your habits, change your life!

In this book, you’ll find 100 practical lessons to help you replace unproductive behaviors with new, purposeful habits. Six-Word Lessons on Changing Habits gives you concise and direct advice in short tips you can read quickly and easily to empower you to be your very best.


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Self-Help Downloadable MP3 Audio Files

For General Audiences

The 7 Steps of Self-Hypnosis

Your mind is your most powerful resource. That's why elite athletes, executives and performers use self-hypnosis: Because it works!

Now you can master the secrets of self-hypnosis in this step-by-step mental training program. 




Create Your Daily Intention

This gentle guided imagery program provides an 18 minute foundation to start your day with soothing suggestions for integrity, alignment, gratitude and focus. Includes subliminal suggestions for inner harmony and peace.




Reinvent Yourself

Close your eyes. Relax. Go deeper. Soon you stand at the threshold to a realm of infinite possibility and potential. Before you step across, you leave behind whatever no longer serves you. are free to reinvent yourself. Who will you be?



Hypnotic Journey to Weight Loss

Relax and receive hypnotic suggestions to shrink your tummy, eat smaller portions, say no to junk food, drink more water, release the past, find new ways to self-nurture, and stay motivated to live a healthy, happy life.



"I listened to Lauren Archer's "Hypnosis for Pre Surgery" for 10 nights prior to my surgery date. In the past I have always woken up from anesthesia so anxious . This time was so different! When I opened my eyes and saw the nurses I felt a calm come over me. I had no anxiety at all. I had prayed for help during this difficult time and feel that I was guided to Lauren Archer." - Kathleen Gleason

A Good Night's Sleep

How much easier would you be able to sleep if you could settle your mind and body, ignore distractions, and release worry and stress over getting enough sleep? This hypnotic program allows to more easily drift into a peaceful sleep and feel more rejuvenated even with limited rest. 


Hypnosis for Pre-Surgery

Listen to this guided hypnotic journey in the months or weeks or days prior to your surgery to prepare your mind and body for optimum results including relaxation and comfort, minimal bleeding and pain, and more rapid healing.



Miraculous Healing

Absorb loving, healing energy with every vibration in this program. Let your cells soak in the positive messages, as your mind sends signals to your body to rebuild and restore itself to a natural state of health, wholeness, and well being.



Awakening Fitness

Start your day with 25 minutes of uplifting music, positive suggestions, and affirmations for mindfulness, healthy eating and exercise motivation. You can even listen to this program while walking or driving.


For Specific Audiences

Music For Trance

63 minutes of continuous music with no interruptions or distracting rhythms, designed to gently induce a light trance state. Ideal background music for meditation, trance work, energy healing, massage, spa services, counseling, and yoga.




Perspective: Mind Games for Kids

A pre-sleep hypnotic program that invites kids (ages 5 to 12) to imagine life's challenges from a bigger perspective, encouraging them to more easily release anger, stay calm, and make positive choices.



Easy Times Tables

Designed for children ages 3 to 9, these positive suggestions set to uptempo music make learning the "Times Tables" easy and fun! Children learn by repetition, and this program enlists the power of imagination to help develop multiplication mastery.


Awakening Soul

If you are interested in the law of attraction and the power of intention, you'll appreciate having Awakening Soul as your audio companion. 

Ideal for those on a spiritual path, the primal music and powerful affirmations in this program serve as reminders to reawaken the deep inner wisdom in your soul.


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